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Clayton Donovan
the Champion of bush food 

loves to smoke with native Australian Ingredients in our Muurikka Electric Smoker.

This Recipe has been smoked with lemon myrtle and sugar to create a sensational smokey flavours.


Recipe |  Clayton Donovan | Jaaning Tree Restaurant


Muurikka Electric Smokers | Clayton Donovan

 Clayton Donovan | Jaaning Tree Restaurant | OzHarvest 2016


Kangaroo Loin Part Smoked in Lemon Myrtle
with caramelised vegetables and a chocolate jus.

Ingredients (serves 1 person)

2 x pre cooked baby beetroots - halved

2 x pre cooked baby carrots - halved

1 x pear - quartered

Handful of baby spinach

1 x Kangaroo loin  (170 gram)

Beef jus

2 x tbsp of grated dark chocolate

1 x tbsp redcurrant jelly

1 x cup sugar

2 x tbsp dried, ground lemon myrtle

Brookfarm Oil and butter for frying


Pinch of nutmeg

Finely chopped dill and parsley

Murray River salt



Turn on electric smoker.

Mix the sugar and lemon myrtle.

Line the inside tray with foil, place the sugar mixture on the tray and place the tray in the bottom of the smoker when it has reached temperature.

Place the kangaroo loin on the top grill tray. Seal the front of the smoker.

After 6 minutes turn the kangaroo loin over and repeat for another 6 minutes. Switch off the smoker and allow the kangaroo to rest for 4 minutes. Remove the kangaroo from the smoker.

Meanwhile Combine the dark chocolate, beef jus and redcurrant jelly in a pan and warm gently.

Heat a pan, add a little oil, beetroots and carrots and fry until lightly brown, add the pears and cook until coloured. Season to taste and sprinkle with dill and parsley.

Heat a wok and quickly toss the spinach in melted butter until it has wilted, season and add a pinch of nutmeg.

Plate the carrots, beetroot and the pears, top with spinach. Slice the loin and place on top of the vegetables; pour the chocolate jus around the outside. Season the Kangaroo with Murray sea salt and drizzle lightly with virgin olive oil.

- Recipe by Clayton Donovan  Jaaning Tree


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  • Love this recipe so easy to make in the smoker

    Kari Russo

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