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Ever wondered how easy it is to smoke your own porks rib in an electric smoker?

When you coat the pork ribs with mustard it is used as a kind of glue to keep the BBQ Rub in place.  The rub will work in partnership with the mustard and wood chips to impart amazing smokey flavours on the ribs.

If you prefer a shinier glaze on the ribs, prepare your rub by mixing half BBQ sauce and half honey for the rub before coating the ribs.



1.5 kg Spare Ribs (trimmed and membrane removed)
Mustard Ribs
BBQ Sauce
Honey (Optional)


Muurikka Electric Smoker
Hickory wood chips
1 tablespoon brown sugar
5 tablespoons Water



Coat the ribs with mustard (this will ensure that your rub sticks to the meat).

Next, lightly rub your favourite BBQ rub over the ribs and then wrap ribs in plastic and place in refrigerator overnight (see intro above)

The next day, remove the ribs from the refrigerator and place in the electric smoker and roast for approximately 20 minutes without the wood chips.

After this time, carefully remove the ribs from the smoker and then cover generously with extra BBQ rub (and honey if preferred)

Next, carefully place the wood chips tray into the smoker (hickory wood chips recommended).  Don’t forget to add brown sugar to the wood chips and water them down. 

Return the ribs to the electric smoker.

Shut the lid and smoke for a further 35 minutes (or until done).


You know when the ribs are ready (bend them gently and a crack will appear in the meat from tip to tip.)

You may also wish to mix some fresh herbs into the sauce mixture.


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