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Salmon Recipe

in the Muurikka Electric Smoker

 Smoked salmon is one of Australia's most popular fish. 

You can simply sprinkle some rock salt on the fillet and then place it directly into our Electric Smoker.

Alternatively, if you would like to spice it up, follow these quick and simple instructions for hot smoked pepper salmon.

1 kg salmon fillet 
50 ml ground black pepper
50 ml ground green pepper
50 ml ground rose pepper
2 tsp ground cumin
100 ml course sea salt


    How to Smoke Fish | Muurikka Electric Smoker Recipes


    Spread the course salt on the flesh and skin of the fish and allow it to sit for one hour in the cold. 
      Remove the salt from the surface and mix the peppers and cumin together. Rub the mixture onto the surface of the fish.
        Smoke the fish in the Electric Smoker or BBQ Smoking Pan for approximately 40 minutes.  Serve the hot smoked salmon with a salad and tzatziki.
        2 cucumbers
        250 ml plain yogurt (drained for 1 hour)
        2 garlic cloves
        dash of lemon juice
        salt and pepper
        10 fresh lovage leaves
        Wash the cucumbers carefully and grate them into course shreds. Grate the garlic finely into the cucumber as well.
        Drain the excess moisture from the cucumber with a sieve. Drain the yogurt for an hour to make it firmer. 
        A coffee filter is excellent for this purpose. Combine the cucumber shreds, the chopped lovage leaves and herbs in a bowl and then add the yogurt. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for a moment before serving. 

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