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SMOKED Stuffed Mushrooms filled with Blue Cheese

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Our Electric Smoker Recipe is quick and easy. 

Smoked Mushrooms are Rich, Filling and Healthy and make the perfect side dish.

You can also combine the mushrooms with any meal that is screaming for part smoked flavours.

Clayton Donovan usually places lemon myrtle leaves in the Electric Smoker combined with brown sugar to cook these little beauties!


Smoked Mushrooms | Clayton Donovan | Muurikka Electric Smoker

Clayton Donovan


20 Large mushrooms
100g Blue cheese
2 tsp chopped parsley
1 Clove garlic
Black Pepper
Oil for frying (optional)
    Take the stalks off the mushrooms and chop into small pieces.

    Chop the garlic.

    Lightly fry the mushrooms in a saucepan (optional) and then place in the Electric Smoker bottom side up.

    Mix the chopped stalks, garlic, blue cheese and parsley in a bowl.

    Spoon into the mushrooms.

    Smoke in the Muurikka Electric Smoker for app 5 – 8 minuts.
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