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If you’re looking for a smoker that offers an authentic experience, while still offering the practical benefits of an electrical cooking appliance, then Muurikka Electric Smokers have considered your needs.

Let’s look at what their Electric Smoker can offer:


This Electric Smoker uses a grill, so you can cook with authentic methods, just as if you were indoors.

The temperature is controlled through the lid and, fortunately, both this and the handles have been designed to be heat-proof, so you don’t injure yourself while cooking.

As an added practical feature, the griddle and trays are all removable, allowing you to easily access and clean the entire product.

Similarly, the use of stainless steel ensures that everything is easy to clean and requires a minimal amount of fuss.

To help you get started, Muurikka also includes a bag of wood chips.

 At 6 kg, this device isn’t too heavy and can be easily moved when you need to put it away.

If you want a way to cook plenty of food at once, while also having a device that is easy to set up and use, this electric smoker has plenty to offer. It’s instantly familiar and can handle plenty of food, making it deal for small and big families alike.



Grill – Heat Proof Lid & Handles – Removable Griddle & Trays – Stainless Steel – Wood Chips – 6kg

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  • I live I Cobram Victoria
    And would like to know where the nearest store That stock these is to me so i can have a look at one before i purchase one
    I very much like the look of of this one, very portable
    Cheers Karen

    Karen Coulston

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