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The Rise of Smoked Food | Easiest Technique

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If playing with fire isn’t your cup of tea, then the our Electric Smoker might be just the food smoker for you.
Smokey flavours are on the rise and with our Electric Smoker you don’t need to light the bonfire or even the barbecue to enjoy smoked flavours.
It’s electric and easy to use.  It uses a combination of heat and smoke (from the wood chips) that cooks and flavours the food as you go.
Each purchase includes a bag of oak wood chips which is quite mellow in flavour and a good all- rounder.
The process is very basic.  Turn your electric smoker on and the heat and smoke from the wood chips will result in a delicious smokey flavoured meal.

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  • Easiest and tastiest electric smoker recipes ever!

    Magdareyr Besrrd

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