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When we heard about the Muurikka Electric Smoker, it was a natural for a road test.

Denyse loves to cook, and we both enjoy the odd meal of smoked fish or chicken, but found it hard to regulate the spirit burner on our old smoker. 

The electric smoker arrived two days after ordering it, and our emails to Carol have always been answered promptly. 

The Muurikka Electric Smoker is made in Finland and is a quality stainless steel product designed for outdoor use only.

There is an electric heating element, a removable chip tray, grill with drip tray, waterproof cover, and 2 bags of wood chips are included.  Instructions and some recipes are provided.


Muurikka Electric Smoker


Width | Length | Height

The length is 500mm and diameter of the barrel is 250mm but the overall height is just over 400 mm including the handle.  It has short legs to stand alone or in our case, at home, on top of our barbecue.  The oven in its cover weights only 5.5kg.



We can see how attractive this Electric Smoker would be to RVers who are avid fishermen and who set up for a long stay at a beach.  To justify its space in the touring RV, it would need to do more than smoked fish which, luckily it does.

Initially we set up the electric smoker with a small handful of smoking chips in the bottom tray and smoked some chicken thigh cutlets very successfully and smoked enough for our taste.

The recipes suggest using 200ml of wood chips. We also tried the smoked vegetable and Halloumi Recipe with some fish: delicious. 


Electric Smoker Smoked Vegetables


Without bothering to clean out the smoker completely to remove any remaining smoky odour, we grilled rissoles and jacket potatoes which were perfectly cooked and brownd evenly and had a slight smokey flavour.


Electric Smoker-Smoked Rissoles-Caravan-World


Chicken Marylands and vegetables roasted very nicely on the grill tray, but we found making gravy out of the drippings a bit awkward, so subsequently have used a small stainless steel baking dish positioned on top of the grill for roasting.

A 230x300mm baking tray fits into the electric smoker, so we made a pizza base to fit this and made very successful pizza in the oven (without using the wood chips).

Two small pita breads could also be used as pizza bases.  The smoking oven operates at 200-220 C, ideal for cooking pizza and grilling meat too.

After a thorough wipe out with Selley’s oven wipes, we have baked cakes and muffins very successfully and with no smokey taste.

If the smoking tray is left in the oven to deflect some of the heat, we found food browns very evenly on the top and bottom. Leaving the door ajar about 1cm reduces the heat to moderate for baking. The heating element is easily removed, to facilitate cleaning of the smoking oven. 

We found the Muurikka Electric Smoker and/or Smoking Oven to be extremely versatile.   Compared to a turbo oven, larger oven trays can be used, and food is browned more more evenly: even though the heating element is in the bottom, the shape must help heat transfer.

Similarly, grilled food is browned much more evenly than on the electric grill plate we have always used for barbecues under our awning.
This electric smoker would be a great asset for outside cooking or smoking in your van as it is very versatile.  It is also useful at home for outside food smoking, pizzas, grilling, baking cakes and muffins and roast dinners.
We will continue to experiment with other dishes as time goes by.
Tried and Tested by Tony Allsop for Caravan World

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  • Hi again Carol,

    We tried the oven last night and found it cooked the chicken very well. Denyse used a small amount of chips, and this did the job pretty much to perfection.

    I think the chips we have will last a long time, and we also have some left over from Barbecues Galore that we bought some time back for our metho smoker, so will not need any more at present thanks.
    Will take it with us on our next trip in our caravan early Dec to try out more recipes and take pics for story.

    Thanks again Carol. Will keep in touch.
    Tony Allsop.

    Tony Allsop
  • Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your prompt phone call.

    I look forward to reviewing a smoker for my Road Test column in Caravan World magazine.
    You may see my travel videos and blogs on www.caravanworld.com.au and my articles in every issue of Caravan World mag.

    Tony Allsop

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