Benefits of Using a Muurikka Electric Smoker

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Benefits of Using Electric Smokers

There is a wide range of foods you can add smokey flavours to in our Muurikka Electric Smoker.

Our Electric Smoker uses indirect heat, which is supplied from the heating element which sits at the bottom of the smoker.  This is one of the healthiest ways of adding smokey flavours to meats, fish, cheese or vegetables.


Chef Peter Kuruvita on types of wood chips for Smokers. A smoker like the one I use is perfect for the home, it is called a Murrikka Smoker and it is compact and efficient. Remember that you should only use wood that is meant for smoking.  Treated woods have dangerous chemicals that could be bad for your health. 



Electric Smoker


Most health issues arise when foods are either over cooked, undercooked or directly burnt.

Just change the wood chips and taste the difference whether it’s hickory smoked meat, apple smoked pork, or oak smoked salmon.

If you want to be really creative, try smoked croissants.

Additional health benefits include that you don’t need any oils, marinades or other fats to prepare, or, cook the food. 

For that health conscious individual, simply place the produce on the grill plate, add the wood chips and let your electric smoker do the rest. This really does make it healthy and nutritious, all while retaining the moisture during the cooking process.

Our Muurikka Electric Smoker will also save you on cash and it’s extremely quick.




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  • Our oak wood chips are safe to use as smoking woods and can be sourced within Australia. You can purchase different types of wood chips from any major BBQ store Australia wide.

    Caroline Kostamo

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