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Food Smoking | Cooking at a whole new level

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Smoke Cooking is so easy in the Muurikka Electric Smoker takes cooking to a whole new level.

We’ve all mastered grilling so the next leading edge is adding smokey flavours to your meals, and, that’s what you will want to try sooner or later.

The smokey flavour is generated by the wood chips. 

You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money on purchasing a good, efficient smoker. 

The Muurikka Electric Smoker is very reasonably priced at only AUD $249.

It comes with one bag of oak wood chips and a protective hood.

If you’re new to smoking we recommend that you try smoking up some salmon or trout first. 

The meat is tender and it’s very hard to mess up. It will come out moist and delicious no matter what rub you put on it. 

We recommend you rub rock salt on the fish for ½ hour before smoking. 

After that time, rub the rock salt off and lay a smooth layer of the rub on top of the fish.


Moroccan Herbs seasoning mixed with Cumin powder to the fish before smoking. 


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Tea and smoke have been long used for smoke cooking and associated with Chinese cooking for centuries. 

The combination of tea, rice, brown sugar and spices (star anaise, cinnamon sticks) produces a delicious smoking fuel if you’re wanting a break from smoking with traditional wood chips.

So don't be too afraid to experiment with your Muurikka Electric Smoker.

It's all about trial and error..

 Muurikka Australia - we're still learning ourselves!


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