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Muurikka Electric Smoker 

Lydia Lassila Olympic Gold & Bronze Medalist

" I come from a pretty large family and have also used my Muurikka Electric Smoker to entertain family and friends without any hassle."


Muurikka Electric Smokers


The way myself and my family enjoy Smoked Salmon these days has been adopted from the the clever Finnish culture using an Electric Smoker and Smoking Oven.

My dad (a very handy many) has built himself a smoking oven at his house and smoking food has become a regular family affair for special gatherings.

Electric Smokers are not commonplace in Australia however Muurikka (a Finnish brand) now have a very handy Electric Smoker out in Australia that is fool proof to use and very portable. 

www.muurikka.com.au  We have one on our balcony and use it to smoke veggies, fish as well as meat (lamb is also a favourite).

Being a mum, wife, business owner and professional athlete I’m always looking for easy and healthy ways to entertain.

- Lydia Lassila Olympic Gold & Bronze Medalist



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