Muurikka Electric Smoker Product Review | Penny Palmer

Electric Smokers in Australia 


Just have a look at how quick and easy it is to use our Electric Smoker.

Penny Quotes on the Electric Smoker:


"Fabulous Fish Smoker, or, Chicken, Meat or whatever you want to Smoke.

I tell you, you will be the envy of your friends whether you have Vegetarians or meat lovers, it doesn't matter what you have at your table, everyone loves a smoked meal".



A whole Smoked Fish takes no more than 40 - 45 minutes in the Electric Smoker.

- Penny Palmer | Playfield | Brisbane


Muurikka Electric Smokers make smoked meals ready in minutes.


  • Hi Kerry
    A sturdy camping table will do the job. In fact, as long as it sits on a sturdy surface you will be fine.
    No need for additional equipment. Save yourself the $$

    Carolie Kostamo
  • We have been talking with friends locally everyone has a different idea.
    Went to Barbeques galore to look at their range of smokers and bought
    Just a starter pack to use in our gas barbeque. Decided that it would be
    A lot more efficient to use an electric smoker rather than gas or wood.
    That was when I found your company online. Noticed that in one of
    Your videos that the smoker sits on a special stand. Is this available
    In Australia or should I just use a camping table?

    Kerry Harvey

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