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Muurikka Electric Smokers with Clayton Donovan

Our Electric Smoker is loved by Australia's Leading Chefs due to ease of use and quick turnaround times.

Strangely enough, still today, typical Australian Food is hard to define. 

Is it smoked meats or vegetables?  Is it defined as the good old Aussie BBQ, or, very much loved fish and chips?

Today, Australia's Leading Chefs are following Clayton Donovan's proven tactics of going back to Australian original roots and sourcing native ingredients which have been grown in Australia and used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years to cook or smoke meat or vegetables.

This is something Clayton has never given up on.

Wild Kitchen Chef | Clayton Donovan has taught Muurikka Electric Smokers a thing or two about native cooking and food smoking methods.

Rather than using wood chips in the Electric Smoker, Clayton loves to experiment and part smoke food with lemon myrtle, native thyme and brown sugar.

The taste is fresh and the smokey flavour that lemon myrtle imparts in the electric smoker is second to none.

Thanks to Leading Chefs like Clayton Donovan, Australia’s first Aboriginal Hatted Chef, Lemon myrtle, quandong, bush tomatoes, wattleseed, and native thyme are becoming far more increasingly popular and accepted in Australia. 

These mushrooms have been prepared by Clayton in the Muurikka Electric Smoker with none other than lemon myrtle leaves and sugar.

Stay tuned more to come from Clayton Donovan.


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Smoked Mushrooms by Clayton Donovan | Muurikka Electric Smokers

Electric Smoker | Muurikka Electric Smokers and Clayton Donovan


Clayton Donovan with Muurikka Electric Smokers

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  • Love that idea. Have some lemon myrtle leaves ready to go.
    Just need to prepare my Muurikka Smoker


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