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Thinking of buying an Electric Smoker?

Then look no further because our Muurikka Electric Smoker is what you're looking for.

You’ve grilled, BBQ'd, steamed and fried, now you’re smokin’ with this easy to use versatile Electric Food Smoker.   

Our Electric Smoker receives raving Reviews and is quick and easy to use.

Try adding fresh herbs to the wood chips before placing in the food smoker for that special added smokey flavour.



Sure, you could give Dad a new barbecue, or you could think outside the box and get him this stainless steel Muurikka Electric Smoker.

It roasts, grills and smokes - the perfect addition to the backyard.  


 Muurikka Electric Smokers | Gift Guide | Gourmet Traveller



Cooking times are dependant on the food type and weight of the produce.

Muurikka Electric Food Smoker Father's Day Gifts

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  • The electric smoker was run in our on-line Father’s Day gift guide – our features editor tested it and loved it!

    Emma Knowles

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