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What is a Muurikka Electric Smoker?

How does it work?


Times have changed and long gone are the days when fuel woods were collected and required to smoke meat, jerky, salmon or chicken, and, one would have to sit and monitor the whole process while it was being prepared.
Muurikka Electric smokers are the next best thing.  They are easy and quick to use, and also, require minimum monitoring.  If you’re looking to smoke meat while retaining that old traditional smokey flavour, then get yourself a Muurikka Electric Smoker.

Smoking food has been around for decades.  It is the process of preparing food with steam, often from burning woods, sugar, or herbs, that are placed in the electric smoker and smoked.

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Electric smokers are easy and convenient to use.  Extremely versatile, you can simply change the chips and taste the difference in smoked meats or vegetables. 

The meat or produce is placed onto the grilling tray and then inserted into the food Smoker and cooked for the recommended time provided (which is a guideline only).

The smoking method not only helps retain the pure taste of meat, fish, chicken or jerky, but, it also locks in all the moisture while adding a unique flavour to your favourite dishes.
Smoking meat or any produce is a healthy way of cooking it compared to deep frying as it requires no oils, fats or sugar.  This not only leaves the meat free of any extra additives, but, it also ensures that you don’t lose any nutritional value.  Of course, the choice is yours and you may add any rubs you wish.
For the health conscious buying an easy to use, electric smoker will be one thing you won’t regret.  You can smoked anything you like from vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, pork or chicken.
Our Muurikka Electric Smoker is easy to use.  In the past food smoking was considered to be an art, but, nowadays, electric smokers make cooking fun, and there are many experiments awaiting.
For example try smoking with herbs and brown sugar.  Just ensure you water them down before placing in our electric smoker.

Our electric smokers are:

*  Quick and easy to use
*  Leave no trace of any ashes or mess
*  Require very little cleaning 
*  Quick turnaround of meals
*  No need to prepare meals before hand
*  You can use the unit as an electric smoker, oven or grill.
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