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Muurikka Electric Smoker

The PERFECT gift for DAD this Father’s Day!

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It’s the ideal way to entertain all year round – wherever you choose to use, on the balcony, in the yard or simply during fishing and camping trips.

Smart attractive design, light, portable and weatherproof, the Muurikka Electric Smoker simply plugs in and you’re ready to go. It comes with its own cover, two FREE bags of woodchips and a handy recipe book from leading Scandinavian chef Henri Alén



Muurikka Electric Smokers


Each wood type has its own aroma so you can create fantastic new flavours, delicate & tantalising. Not only does it smoke – but it also works as an oven and grill (without the wood chips). 

Muurikka has become the generic name for outdoor cooking in Scandinavia. The Muurikka Electric Smoker is now being sold online here in Australia through www.muurikka.com.au and a limited number of speciality stores.


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