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Electric Smokers in Australia

Muurikka Electric Smoker Product Review

SMH Kitchen Spy:  Good Food Editor Ardyn Bernoth

The Muurikka Electric Smoker is amazing.  Try smoked chicken, a rib roast and sometimes I smoke corn on the cob to put into a coleslaw.

Put a chicken in and an hour later after being basted in smoke from wood chips and kept at an even heat by the electric element, it emerges burnished and ludicrously moist"




Muurikka Electric Smokers


Ardyn Bernoth | SMH Good Food Editor | My toolkit

The Spanish terracotta we lugged back from a trip is lovely for serving but we don't cook much in it.

The heat you get from the Le Creuset​ roasting dish is fantastic for roasts and crisping up potatoes. We make yoghurt with the  EasiYo​ tub all the time and it has proper live cultures in it. It's so good.

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  • Thanks Carol that was super fast! i have just received it, it left at 11.30am on the 3rd and delivered 5pm on the 6th, even our local post over here isnt that fast ime sure our postmen use a Gopher.

    There is one part that i cant work out what its for,, see attached pic,, onthe tray there are a couple of hooks is this part just a handle to pull out the tray, cheers Dave

  • Hi Caroline,

    I just have to tell you how much we love the smoker! Best ever result from searching for Sodium Alginate ;)

    We’ve smoked Bratwurst sausages, Nuremburg sausages and salmon – all to rave reviews from the (fussy) family! It’s so easy, quick, clean and delicious – winner all round.

    We can’t believe how great it is compared to the Traeger or using foil pouches of wood on the bbq.

    I’m already concocting recipes just so I can use the smoker!

    Thanks for such providing such a brilliant product, we love it :)

    Marianne Kerby
  • I purchased one of these already at the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, my father-in-law loves it so he is getting one for Fathers Day.

    Kind Regards
    Nicole Azzopardi

    Nicole Azzopardi

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