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Want to know whether our Muurikka Electric Smoker is what you're looking for?  

Our Electric Smoker Receives Raving Reviews every time.

Australia's Leading Chefs love our Electric Smoker because it's easy to use and adds sensational smokey flavours to meals.

How about some Smoked Salmon - Hickory Smoked Beef Ribs - or apple wood smoked pork?


When is Smokin' Healthy?

When Using the Muurikka Electric Food Smoker of course!

Whether it’s smoked meat, fish, sausages, cheese or vegetables - you certainly don't need any added oils or sugars in the food smoking process.

Our Muurikka Electric Smoker uses wood chips to create sensational, smokey flavours of your choice.  

It doesn't always have to be wood chips.  Try smoking your food with brown sugar, with added herbs and spices.

Smoking food has been around for a long time and people love the flavour of smoked food and the health benefits of no-fat cooking. But it has never been easy to do it yourself. Now with the Muurikka Electric Smoker, smoking is quick and easy and the tastes are sensational.


Muurikka Electric Smokers



It’s the ideal way to entertain all year round.

Smart attractive design, light, portable and weatherproof, the Muurikka Electric Smoker simply plugs in and you’re ready to go. It comes with its own cover, two FREE bags of woodchips (enough for about 10 cookings) and a handy recipe book from leading Scandinavian chef Henri Alén.

Each wood type has its own aroma so you can create fantastic new flavours – delicate & tantalizing.

Muurikka has become the generic name for outdoor cooking in Scandinavia. Their outdoor Electric Smoking Oven is now being sold online here in Australia through www.muuri.com.au and a limited number of speciality stores. 


Our Electric Smoker is easy to use, healthy and delicious


When Carol and Kari Kostamo of Sydney, were visiting Kari’s native Finland, they were served salmon that had been cooked in the Muurikka Electric Smoker. “We fell in love with it as we’d never tasted salmon that was so incredibly delicious”, said Kari. “Then our friend showed us how amazingly easy it was to use.

You just add some wood chips and plug it in.


We knew on the spot we had to import it to Australia”, added Carol. “The health benefits are fantastic too – as you don’t need any oil. You can even use it for roasting or grilling if you don’t want to use the wood chips to add the smoked flavour."


Smokers currently available in Australia are tricky to use as they require external heating sources like alcohol and gas or they are bulky, expensive and intended for professional use. 


The Muurikka Electric Smoker is different. 

It’s versatile, simple to use and easy to clean. 

All trays can easily be removed. As it is only 57 cm long, 28 cm wide and 43 cm in height you can even use it on a small balcony.  Weighing just 4.5kg it’s highly portable, if you choose to take it camping or fishing you can simply source electricity from your caravan or generator.


The Muurikka brand is a Finnish classic and their products are utilised and endorsed by Henri Alen, Head Chef at Muru – Helsinki’s leading restaurant.  All products are manufactured to exceptionally high standards by the Opamuurikka company. 

Press Release by Muurikka Electric Smokers

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