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Electric Smokers in Australia


by Cowra Guardian

Whether it's smoked chicken, a rib roast or corn on the cob, this electric smoker is amazing.


Put a chicken in the electric smoker and an hour later after being basted in smoke from wood chips and kept at an even heat by the electric element in the electric smoker, it emerges burnished and ludicrously moist"  



Check out Muurikka Electric Smokers Australia and discover the perfect smoked meal with the Muurikka Electric Smoker - the secret behind easy & natural smoked meals! 

Article BY SMH 

Date Published 17th November 2015 

Good Food Editor Ardyn Bernoth 


How to use the Muurikka Electric Smoker 

  • Only a handful of wood chips required to add a natual, smoked flavour to fish, meat, sausages and vegetables
  • Smoke, roast or grill
  • Portable and easy to use – Just plug it in and let it do the rest
  • No mess with a separate removable chip tray, easy to clean
  • Perfect for the balcony requiring little space
  • Great health benefits – no oils or marinates required.

Muurikka Electric Smokers - just change the chips and taste the difference.

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