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Muurikka Griddle Pan Makes The Ultimate Egg and Bacon Butty

I’m a huge fan of outdoor cooking, I absolutely love it. It’s something about the added satisfaction and flavour that comes from preparing food in the great outdoors. Despite my enjoyment, I tend to get a bit stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing what delicacies to prepare; burgers, sausages, mackerel and steak, all tend to make a regular appearance.

So recently I’ve been looking for new ways of cooking more interesting and unusual meals.

I’ve recently bought an awesome new piece of cooking gear, a 48cm Muurikka Griddle Pan. I’ll explain what a Muurikka Griddle Pan is later, but first let me explain why I’ve decided to write about this particular masterpiece of a meal. I think that when testing out new equipment, it’s always important to choose something easy, simple and especially something tasty!

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