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Eamon Sullivan

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Finally tried out the Electric Smoker!!

"Had some beef ribs that I had cooked for 12 hours, and brought them back up to temperature with the electric smoker. Pretty Tasty!"


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Bib & Tucker Restaurant - Fremantle 

If you love "fall off the bone ribs" then try cooking the beef in your oven at home by following Eamon's easy "low and slow" method.

Once the beef ribs are almost ready, place them in the Muurikka Electric Smoker for roughly 25 minutes for added delicious smokey flavours.

Our Muurikka Electric Smoker is extremely versatile whether you wish to prepare a quick, smoked meal, or, smoke it "low and slow."

The latter can be easily done by first preparing your produce in the oven at home and then finishing it off in the Electric Smoker.

Remember:  You don't need to place the produce in the smoker for hours on end to achieve the smokey flavours you desire.  

Our Electric Smoker works wonders and adds delicious, smokey flavours within 20 minutes.

For a stronger, smokey flavour, increase the amount of wood chips you place in the food smoker.

Muurikka Electric Smokers

So easy you can do it yourself.


Smoked Beef Ribs Muurikka Electric Smoker



Smoked Beef Ribs Muurikka


-  Eamon Sullivan  - 

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