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How long does it take to smoke food in the Muurikka Electric Smoker?

Our Electric Smoker is designed for quick easy use.

Electric Smoker Cooking Times Here 

For over 15 years now authentic Muurikka Electric Smokers have been easy to identify, thanks to their "Genuine Muurikka Product" stamp.  

The high quality Muurikka Electric Smoker comes ready for use as a smoker with wood chips, and without wood chips, it handily serves as an outdoor grill or oven throughout the year.


Muurikka Electric Smoker Australia


Prepare mouth-watering fish, meat, sausages and vegetables in a flash whether smoked or not.

The Muurikka Electric Smoker can be used in various ways and allows you to:

  • Instantly operate the electric smoker oven / outdoor grill or oven
  • Prepare delicious fish, meat, sausages and vegetables - whether smoked or roasted
  • Ideal for year round use outdoors, in the garden, on the terrace or even on the balcony

In Europe, Alder wood chips are traditionally used for smoking food, but other woods such as oak, apple and cherry have been found to be just as suitable.  Additional ingredients like brown sugar or juniper twigs can also lend a distinctive smokey flavour.

Too much wood can often lead to a bitter flavour, however, it is important to use only clean and dry wood for smoking.  Avoid rotten or mouldy chips. For those who prefer a milder smoked flavour, the smoking tray can be added to the cooking process later in the cooking process.

Experimentation is the key to determine what works best. Temperatures may rise quickly in the electric smoker and so the process should be monitored closely. A roast thermometer is helpful for judging when the food is ready. A Smoking Box or aluminium foil can conveniently be used on the smoking tray as well.



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