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How to Smoke Salmon

Electric Smokers

 in the Muurikka Electric Smoker


Watch how simple our Muurikka Electric Smoker is to prepare and use.  In this video we will demonstrate how easy it is to smoke salmon and other produce.

Whatever you choose to prepare in the Food Smoker, the Muurikka Electric Smoker works a little differently to larger food smokers.  

It's very quick and easy to use and heats up to 220℃ during the cooking process all while retaining moisture throughout the whole smoking process.

For example if you wish to prepare smoked meat, the cooking time will very much depend on the type and weight of the produce.

There are many different options available for smoking meat in our electric smoker and these can be found HERE


Smoked meals made easy with Muurikka Electric Smokers.




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  • Hi Carol

    My smoker arrived OK. I think it was on Friday 13 December.

    We were all out all day shopping, and the courier left it n the doorstep, with nobody here to sign for delivery.
    I was very thankful for the initiative (and bravery) the courier showed. You may thank them, in this case.
    It would probably be wrong in the city, but we are in “the Bush”, with no passers-by. (our driveway is 1 Km long).

    Some couriers in the past have not been so brave, and just left a note “While you were not home … etc”.
    This has meant that I have drive to Canberra – a 100 Km round trip – to pick up my parcel.
    Your courier saved me that troubled, so I am very happy.

    PS the smoker is a cracker.
    We have used it many times already and love the ease of use and the great results.

    Tom Subi

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