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 Instructions for Newbies

Muurikka Electric Smokers 

Muurikka Electric Smoker


The electric smoker is suitable for outdoor use only.

When smoking larger pieces of meat we recommend you soak the wood chips in water (or brine of your choice) for 1/2 hour before inserting into the electric smoker. 
    It is also recommended for larger cuts of lamb or beef, that you first place the produce in the electric smoker and roast for 20 minutes (without the wood chips).  After this time, you can insert the wood chips and continue to create smokey flavours for the remaining cooking time provided on our website, or, as instructed by Muurikka Electric Smokers.
      Before use, place the Electric Smoker on the ground or a sturdy, incombustible base.  Read the instructions. The electric smoker is not intended to be used by children or persons who are not fit to use it safely.
        Food Smoking must take place in a fireproof place where sparks cannot set fire to the surroundings.


        Muurikka Electric Smoker


        Your electric smoker comes with three trays.

        Sprinkle a thin layer of clean, coarse wood chips suitable for smoking on the wood chip plate. The wood chip plate is the smallest of the trays it sits above the heating element (as seen above).

        Sprinkle a tablespoon or two of brown sugar on top of the wood chips.

        Next, sprinkle 4 - 5 tablespoons of water over the wood chips and sugar. See note below.

          Locate the side supports above the resistor (do not place the chip plate directly on the resistor) and then slide the tray into place.

        Arrange your produce and place on the grill tray.  The grill tray sits directly on top of the dripping tray.  Locate the side supports above the wood chip tray and then slide both trays in simultaneously.

         After cooking, ensure all smouldering chips are put out before discarding them.

          When the Electric Smoker is in use, its surface will be extremely hot. When the Electric Smoker is hot, lift it only by the handle. Make sure that children do not play with or get burnt by the Electric Smoker.
            Do not heat the Electric Smoker with coals or over a fire.
              Make sure that the cords do not touch the hot frame of the Electric Smoker.
                Check the condition of the cord regularly. Do not use the Electric Smoker if the cord is damaged. If the resistor cord is damaged, the resistor must be replaced as follows: Loosen the resistor’s mounting nut in the lower edge of the opening and fasten the new resistor with its base plate and tighten the mounting nut.
                  The Muurikka Electric Smoker is not designed to be used with a timer or a remote control.
                    After use, the Electric Smoker should always be disconnected by removing the cord.
                      When the moisture from the smoking process is condensed into liquid, it may drip down from the end of the Electric Smoker. We recommend the Electric Smoker to be used in a place where this will not cause any damage or inconvenience.
                        When you remove the grating or the drip plate, watch out for burning hot fat or water left inside the electric smoker on the drip plate. 
                          The Muurikka Electric Smoker steel parts are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by carelessness or non-compliance with the instructions.
                          It is important that you water the wood chips down or soak them before placing into the electric smoker to avoid the wood chips catching fire inside. 
                           This is very rare however,  if this happens, put the lid on and turn the power off and unplug the smoker.
                          If you have a fire blanket handy, throw it over the electric smoker after closing the lid. 

                          Thank you for choosing Muurikka Electric Smokers.



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